Member First , data-driven, evidence-based and high performing organization.
Members First
Member first
13 Million of Rwandans are covered by RSSB services
60 years of service for your safety and well-being.
Our services decentralized in 30 branches for your satisfaction
Data driven
Learning from our data to improve the services offered to our members

Optimistic and forward-looking agent of central government, working to achieve the financial security and health of all Rwandans.

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Digital transformation

A major focus for RSSB going into 2025 is to transform into a member first, data driven, high performing organization and a big part of that is to complete its shift to digital

Changing from Legacy processes and systems

As we enter a new era of technology advances and data-driven business models, we are upgrading our systems and processes to gain in operational efficiency, address technology constraints, meet members experience expectations and support adoption and integration with other systems.

Non-paper based processes

We are moving away from the time-taking processes as we process large number of member's claims. Members and partners will be enjoying the benefits such as timely and faster responses and reimbursements for their claims by reducing the time taken for processes to be completed.

Ensure the compliance rate in mandatory contributions

Digital-led compliance for private and public institutions to ensure the compliance and fraud monitoring. Our members will have a seamless and transparent access of their contributions/benefits via intelligent systems and notification ecosystem.

“We have ambitious plans to transform RSSB, by 2025, into an organisation that is not just fully committed to delivering for our members but that puts members at the heart of all our planning and all our decision-making. Our vision is for RSSB to use all of its power and energy on behalf of our members: to be best-in-class in serving their interests, as a friend and source of help, as a modern, efficient organisation, with user-friendly, enabling technology; as a source of input to Government thinking; as a national and international thought-leader in social policy; as the leading strategic investor in our chosen markets; and as a prudent but ambitious business partner."