RSSB is the largest investment fund in Rwanda

RSSB is the largest investment fund in Rwanda. Thanks to the high dependency ratio, increased formalisation of the economy and deployment of innovative schemes like Ejo Heza (voluntary long-term savings scheme), the size of the fund has more than doubled within the period 2015-2020.

1.4 tn RWFAssets Under Management
30+Equity Investment
15+Real Estate Properties
And Projects Under Development

Investing in homegrown solutions,
with a global thinking

With its financial resources, RSSB intends to be the trusted anchor investor in Rwanda within various sectors of activity such as infrastructure, financial services, hospitality, manufacturing, healthcare. RSSB investments are intended to generate strong financial returns while having significant socio-economic impact.

Real Estate Investments

RSSB has been at the forefront of developing and managing commercial and residential real estate in different regions of the country. With the establishment of complexes for retail space in Kigali city, Musanze, Karongi, Nyanza and Rwamagana districts, RSSB has tapped into the real estate sector by availing rentable space for all kinds of businesses and residential units for sale.

Equity Investments

RSSB invests in private companies, also known as private equity investing, and public companies listed on stock exchanges locally and in the region. Many local companies have benefited from financing through RSSB’s investments, while RSSB benefits in the form of capital gains, and/or generation of capital dividends.

Fixed Income Investments

Fixed income investments offer RSSB a steady stream of income while preserving capital. RSSB is one of the biggest investors in domestic government securities.

Our Investments

These are organizations that drive change and shape transformation with their knowledge and creativity. They dare to take on challenges and become driving forces for innovation and development.

“RSSB investment philosophy is aligned with the Rwanda Vision 2050 which aims at "leading the country to the living standards of upper middle income by 2035 and high income countries by 2050". RSSB aims at creating value for the Rwandan population by combining high financial returns with significant socio-economic impacts on its investments”

Philippe WatrinDeputy DG Funds Management, RSSB