Member First data-driven,
evidence-based and high performing organization.
Our mission
The mission of RSSB is to manage and promote social security in Rwanda
Our vision
RSSB envisions a comprehensive social security system that addresses all social security needs.
Corporate values
In trying to achieve our vision and mission, we endeavor to be guided by the following key strategic values: Integrity, Collaboration, Accountability, Respect and Excellence.

Rwanda Social Security Board (RSSB) was established by the law No.45/2010 of 14/12/2010 that determines its mission, organization and functioning. This institution was established after the merger of Social Security Fund of Rwanda (SSFR) with Rwanda Health Insurance Fund (RAMA). This law has been amandeted and completed by the law n◦ Nº04//2015 of 11/03/2015 that gives RSSB the responsibility to manage Community Based Health Insurance (Mutuelle de santé).

The member’s first vision is intended To create a permanent state of mind in which all plans, decisions and actions are taken with the interests of members foremost in our thinking; and To provide an approach to dealing with the impact on members of the transition that will take place during the next few years.

Main Responsibilities of RSSB

To manage and promote old age pension, survivorship benefits, non-occupational invalidity benefits, occupational hazards insurance, maternity leave benefits scheme, health insurance and the long-term saving scheme, To register employers, employees, beneficiaries and voluntary contributors in social security schemes under its management To monitor, collect and manage social security contributions, To conduct audit and inspection to ensure compliance with social security laws, To pay social security benefits to beneficiaries, To invest in Rwanda or abroad in accordance with relevant laws, To contribute to the elaboration of social security policy, To contribute in designing strategies for shelter, adequate nutrition, education, support due to loss of jobs, provision for family and poverty reduction with intention to achieve social welfare, To advise the Government on matters relating to social security, To establish relations and collaborate with other regional or international institutions with similar mission. To perform such other duties as may be assigned by Law.