Maternity Leave
Enjoy your maternity leave with your full salary
Maternity Leave

Maternity Leave Benefits (MLB) insurance is a maternity protection scheme that grants working women (mothers) their full (100%) remuneration while on a 12 week maternity leave.

  • Maternity leave duration
  • Remuneration during maternity leave
  • Sufficient leave for pregnancy and childbirth recovery; exclusive breastfeeding for the baby’s health and development, attachment and care;
  • Full salary;
  • One additional month of benefits in case of delivery complications, necessitating prolonged maternity leave.
  • ­​Must be on maternity leave;
  • Must have contributed at least 1 month preceding the month in which maternity leave starts;
  • Present a medical certificate of delivery.

All workers are governed by labour law, general statutes for public service or special statutes.

  • 0.6% of Gross salary
  • 0.3% employer’s share
  • 0.3% employee’s share.

If an employee has more than one employer, each remits contributions.

The employer shall pay 12 weeks’ wages. At end of period, the employer requests RSSB reimbursement for the last 6 weeks of maternity leave.

The request for reimbursement form shall be filled by the employer and accompanied by:

  • Application for maternity leave benefits form signed by the woman who delivered;

  • A copy of identity card/passport of the insured woman;

  • A document from the employer stating that the woman was on maternity leave;

  • Detailed pay slips related to the maternity leave period signed by both employee and employer and stamped;

  • An original copy of the medical certificate of delivery; When necessary:

  • A medical certificate justifying the extension of leave;

  • A guardianship certificate. When to submit the request for benefits reimbursement

Within 6 months from beginning of maternity leave.

Reimbursement Deadline Within 30 days from reception date of reimbursement request. .

Reimbursement Amount

Calculated based on last woman’s salary during maternity leave to which the contribution was subscribed.