Useful Staff Contacts

MUTETELI G. EvelyneAssistant to DG (0788585959,
UMULISA Peggy Assistant to DDGFM 0788500177
MPAYANA Gloria DDGB Assistant 0788858882
KAZOORA Moses Director of PR, Communications and Education Unit 0788357575
AKILI Viviane Ag. Public Relations and Communication Specialist 0785662238,
Kirenga Batamuliza Viviane Director of Legal Affairs Unit 0788541111
MUDENGE Joseph Director of Planning &Research Division 0788307964,
MPAMO Marcels Occupational Hazards Benefits Division Manager 0788303787,
MUGABO EmmanuelAg. Director Human Resources & Administration Unit( 0788566187
KANYANDUGA BenjaminDirector of Maternity Leave Benefits Processing Unit (0788303738
KAMPIRE OdetteAg. Director of IT Unit (0788850097
MUNYANDEKWE OswaldHead of Pension and Pre-Retirement Department (0788303199
SEBATWARE BillyDirector of Pension Benefits Division (0788850708
NSABIMANA JamesSocial Security Analyst (0788303468
RULISA AlexisHead of CBHI Department (0788597777
NTIGURIRWA DéogratiasDirector of CBHI/ Mobilization and Registration division (0788457781
GASANA GallicanDirector of CBHI Mobilization Unit (0788462105
NZAHUMUNYURWA P. ClaverDirector of Branches Coordination Unit (0788664577
MUZIGANYI FlorenceDirector of CBHI/Medical Benefits Division (0788528330
GASANA K. EricHead of Investment Department (0788441391
KABANDA InnocentDirector of Portfolio Management Division (0788572059
MUTETELI Marie LouiseAg. Director of Real Estate Division (0788824161
Dr. RURANGANWA DianeHead of Medical Department (0788539784
MUKARUSINE EsperanceDirector of Warehouse (0788433604
Dr UMUTESI LysetteMedical Advisor (0788770505
Dr MURENZI JusperMedical Advisor (0788303780
MUJAWABEGA YvonneDirector of Maternity Leave Benefits Division (0788303446
MURINDABIGWI InnocentHead of Finance and Contributions Department (0788307961
NYIRISHEMA InnocentCorporate Services Division Manager (0788617604
BAZAMBANZA IsidoreAg. Director of Contributor’s Account Management Unit (0788769312
NDUWAMUNGU JosephContributions Division Manager (0788479065
NKURUNZIZA JamesDirector of Enforcement Unit (0788507466
MBANDA Julien AdeodatusAg. Director of Finance Division (0788619597
RUGERINYANGE EpaphroditeNyarugenge Branch Manager (0788477023
NSENGIYUMVA PhenéasGASABO Branch Manager (0788400072
KEDMON SMITH RobertBURERA Branch Manager (0788572701,
REKERAHO CharlesGAKENKE Branch Manager (0788486985
MUGABO FistonNYABIHU Branch Manager (0781585331
NSHIMIYIMANA RobertMUSANZE Branch Manager (0788408423
HABITEGEKO ReverienHUYE Branch Manager (0788855500
MBARUTE Jean BoscoRUTSIRO Branch Manager (0788565552
NSENGUMUREMYI AaronKarongi Branch Manager (0788403022
RUGAMBWA GeorgesKAMONYI Branch Manager (0788449464
GATALI EugèneKICUKIRO Branch Manager (0788565185
UZABAKIRIHO GervaisRUHANGO Branch Manager (0788467025
DUHUJINSEKO AiméNYARUGURU Branch Manager (0788529266
RWIGEMA CélestinRWAMAGANA Branch Manager (0788556883
UFITAMAHORO IsaacGATSIBO Branch Manager (0788510564
MUSHIMIYIMANA JéromeKayonza Branch Manager (0788479927
NZAMURAMBAHO SylvainNYAGATARE Branch Manager (0788826139
MUSONERA CelestinMUHANGA Branch Manager (0788654596
NKUBIRI EMMANUELBUGESERA Branch Manager (0788613781
KABUKE OnesphoreNGORORERO Branch Manager (0788695685)
KASANYU EpimaqueGICUMBI Branch Manager (0788627437
HITAYEZU EmmanuelNYAMASHEKE Branch Manager (0788786671
SAFARI AntoineRUSIZI Branch Manager (0788676132
Nzabonimpa Jean BaptisteRubavu Branch Manager (0788568705
NKURANGA KANANGA Jean ErickNyanza Branch Manager (0788775700
BIZIYAREMYE VénusteNGOMA Branch Manager (0788226321
KABANO NoelGISAGARA Branch Manager (0788503087,
TWAGIRAMUNGU J. ClaudeKIREHE Branch Manager (0788741001,
NDAYAMBAJE PontienNYAMAGABE Branch Manager (0782521720,
MUKESHIMANA Laetitia RULINDO Branch Manager (0788557625,