Documents Required to register with RSSB

  1. A letter addressed to the Director General applying for affiliation;
  2. A document showing the employees’ salary structure for the last three consecutive months, (gross and basic salary; the basic salary must represent at least 70% of the gross salary) fringe benefits and other deductions from one’s salary as provided by the law, such as Pay As You Earn tax and RSSB contributions (see the form attached);
  3. To be fully compliant with RSSB pension scheme;
  4. Trading License for Trading Companies;
  5. Certificate of registration obtained:
    1. From RDB for companies’ registration;
    2. From RRA for tax purposes and copy of PAYE tax declaration;
    3. From MINALOC for the case of NGOs;
    4. From Rwanda Cooperative Agency (RCA) for the case of cooperatives;
    5. From RBC and accreditation from MOH for medical services providers;
    6. License from BNR for financial microfinance activities, saving and credit cooperative operating in Rwanda;
    7. License from RURA for driving school and transport companies;
    8. Agreement to open primary & secondary schools from MINEDUC;
    9. License certificate from Media High Council (MHC) for radios and others media activities;
    10. Registration   certificate    from   Directorate    General    of   Immigration and Emigration  for International Nongovernmental Organizations.
  6. Legal entity for Associations/Cooperatives or temporary certificate from RGB (Rwanda Governance Board) allowing to provisionally operate in Rwanda for Non-governmental Organizations processing the application for legal personality;
  7. Dependents information: spouse and children who are legally recognized (see the form attached);
  8. To have at least seven staff;
  9. Any institution or company wishing to adhere to RSSB medical insurance is required to take membership of all its employees;
  10. When both spouses are insured by RSSB Medical insurance, each one pays his/her own contribution.
  11. Based on the notification letter granting the application for affiliation, the employer is required to declare and pay medical contributions not beyond the end of the following month.

NB: No contributions are paid as long as an affiliation request is still under scrutiny. In case employers requesting for affiliation pay contributions before their request is granted, the amounts paid won’t be refunded in case their request is not granted.
Format for a list of staff and their dependents
Format for salary structure